porous silicon membranes

porous silicon membranes

Our macroporous silicon consists of n- or p-doped single-crystal silicon which is being etched using an photo-electrochemical process.  The arrangement of the pores and the interpore distance are defined by a prestructured photo mask. The material can be used directly as a flow-through-membrane or as a one-side-closed template for the formation of macrostructures. 

Please have a look at our macroporous Silicon factsheet for more details about possible structures.

You can find the current available samples organized in different structure sizes (different pore distances) down below.

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Product no.: P12M10/8-350

Macroporous silicon membrane

        - Sample type: membrane, through pores
        - Sample size: 6,5x 6,5 mm
        - Pore geometry: square
        - Pore distance: 12 µm
        - Pore diameter: 10 ⇒ 8 µm tapered
        - Length:           350 µm
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